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Mariah Carey's Sexy Body Will Appear in Playboy this March
Saturday, February 3, 2007
Good news for Mariah Carey's fans, her good looking face & sexy body will appear on Playboy's cover for this March issue. Mariah Carey will talk openly about her breakdown, the Eminem dating drama, American Idol, wardrobe malfunctions, and how she actively avoids her own movie.

But, Mariah Carey will not pose naked on this issue, don't know is it the good news or bad news.

This is what Mariah Carey talk about American Idol and Randy Jackson :
"I know everybody thinks I’m the poster child for American Idol, but I was really shy when I first came out as a performer….Randy Jackson of American Idol has worked with me since my first record. I’ve known him for so long, and now he’s a huge star. It’s just weird to me. We’ll get mobbed walking down the street. You know how the band is introduced at a show? My little joke used to be that he was Michael Jackson’s brother, and the crowd would believe me and go crazy."


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