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Elisha Cuthbert's Hidden Fact
Monday, January 29, 2007
If we talk about Elisha Cuthbert, we will remembered her act at 'The Girl Next Door'. So sexy I think. Here is some list of her hidden fact maybe you don't know before. Enjoy!
  • Elisha is a huge hockey fan and her favorite team is the Calgary Flames.
  • Elisha has her own blog about hockey on the National Hockey League website.
  • Elisha ranked #5 in the 100 Sexiest Women poll run annually by FHM Magazines.
  • Elisha has done several professional photoshoots for many magazines, including FHM, Maxim, Flare, Arena, and GQ Magazine.
  • Elisha won the award for sexiest hair in the Best Canadian Celebrity Hair Awards run by AG Hair Cosmetics in 2006.
  • Elisha was considered for the role of Mary Jane Watson for the film Spiderman. Kirsten Dunst later went on to play that part.
  • Elisha was turned down for the lead of Sue Storm in the film Fantastic Four. Jessica Alba eventually went on to get the part.
  • Elisha wore blocks under her boots in House of Wax, so she wouldn't look so short compared to Jared Padalecki.


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