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TomKat Fact About Their Love
Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Tom & Katie hosted a post-wedding party in early December, 2006, for friends unable to attend the wedding ceremony in November. The party - estimated to have cost $400,000 - was held at the home of Tom’s producing partner Paula Wagner, and her husband, Rick Nicita. Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Orlando Bloom, James Van Der Beek, Diane Sawyer, Larry King and Tom's ex Penelope Cruz were among the guests, as well as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony who also attended the wedding in Rome. Oprah Winfrey was left off the guest list again - while John Travolta - who was invited to the wedding but failed to attend - was not seen at the party either.

In December 2003, he told Marie Claire that he had "never been into extravagant gifts." But after he started dating Katie, he bought her a jet!

Tom & Katie announced that Katie is pregnant with Tom's baby in early November 2005.

Katie Holmes parents are disappointed that Tom and Katie are not yet married, even though Katie is pregnant. Her father has asked them to set a date-the sooner, the better.

Since Tom's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, when he jumped on her sofa to proclaim his love for actress Katie Holmes, Tom has been under much criticism from the press.

Tom & Katie reportedly want their child to have old-fashioned, mid-western values.

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