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Simon Cowell : The Real Judge in American Idol
Monday, February 5, 2007
I have a few facts about Simon Cowell, a judge in American Idol as we know. Let's read!

Paula, Randy, and Ryan all have their own stars on the "Walk of Fame", and Simon is the only American Idol judge/host to not have a star.

Simon had to transfer schools several times as a result of misbehaviour and bad conduct. Simon had been to a total of 16 schools before leaving at the age of sixteen.

Simon was on Scary Movie 3 where he played a judge of a rap contest.

Simon pays more than £21.7m per year in income tax, suggesting that his taxable income is over £54.25m per year with income tax at the time approx 40%.

In 2006, Simon was ranked #29 on Forbes "Top 100 Celebrities."

Salary for American Idol in 2002-2003 season: $2,000,000


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