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Katie Holmes Wants More Children
Tuesday, February 6, 2007
Katie Holmes wants more children from her husband, Tom Cruise. This desire came up after she successfully carried and delivered her first daughter, Suri. The 28-year-old star said that she didn't have morning sickness, and also didn't crave any unusual food, except cupcake.

The former star of Dawson's Creek delivered Suri in April last year and was very happy to experience this new thing. In an interview with the Harper's Bazaar magazine, the new-mom said, "I feel very proud to have a daughter and at the same time very happy. And I feel closer to other women - to my sisters, my mother. I feel strong, like, I have delivered a baby. I did it! There's nothing that I cannot do."

Holmes also said that the transition times from a movie star to a mother is an easy thing. "I really enjoyed the times I spent together with Suri, even though there were times of troubles in the first few months: to feed and give milk, to try to understand her cries - is she hungry?, is she tired?, or does she need dry pampers? - and try to really help her" she said. When asked whether she wanted to have more children with Cruise, she replied, "very."


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