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Owen Wilson's Salaries & Another Fun Facts About Him
Friday, February 16, 2007
In this article you can find out how much Owen Wilson get paid for his acting on cinema. Not all of his film have the data for public, but it's still fun to know Owen Wilson's salary I guess, so enjoy! Also I have another fun facts about Owen Wilson.

Owen Wilson's salaries:
Starsky & Hutch $10,000,000
Behind Enemy Lines $3,000,000
Zoolander $2,000,000
Shanghai Noon $4,000,000

Owen had always said that he'd never wear sunglasses indoors, but now he does. Guess Hollywood got to him!

Owen has two brothers: Luke Wilson (also an actor) and Andrew Wilson (who had a tiny appearance in Zoolander).

Owen Wilson was nominated "Stoner of the Year" by High Times Magazine in 2004.

Owen Wilson was nominated for an Academy Award for "Best Original Screenplay" for his hit The Royal Tenenbaums.

Owen Wilson won the MTV Movie Award's ' Best Kiss' for Starsky & Hutch, in 2004.

Owen has never taken any acting classes.

Owen, his brother Luke, and Wes Anderson used to live in the same house together. Now Luke and Owen live in California and Wes lives in New York.

Owen owns an Australian Cattle dog named Garcia.


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